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GoldSky Washington D.C. is located in the heart of our Nations Capital.  We specialize in supporting small to medium size businesses with Cybersecurity Services such as Security Risk Assessments, Remediation, Managed Security Services, Continuous Monitoring, Incident Response and CSOaaS.

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For more information regarding services or general information please contact Pradeep Ponnuswamy.

Ron Frechette
Principal Security Consultant

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  • How To Select The Most Effective ‘Password Safe’ Application For Your SMB

    In concert with other security controls, ‘Password Safe’ applications help to provide an intelligent password management framework, which ensures that privileged access is maintained while encrypted credentials are stored and monitored for future use. Selecting a compatible Password Safe Application is critical for the continued enhancement of a defense-in-depth security posture that upholds the privacy

  • Mitigating Supply Chain Risks Associated With COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution

    COVID-19 related restrictions and concerns repatriated business operations online for the foreseeable future; the need for a viable COVID vaccine is critical for normalcy. The development and distribution of said vaccine have captured the attention of nation-state cyber threat actors, who aim to disrupt the financial and political advantages associated with a viable vaccine. For

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