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Phishing Email

Welcome!  You’ve been phished, BUT don’t worry, this link is harmless.  

This page is meant to show you how easily it can happen. I would hazard a guess that your organization regularly gets emails from tool vendors you utilize for everyday business. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), which is the regulatory body that enhances economic security, says context is the most powerful factor influencing whether an employee clicks on a link within an email. It would be simple for a malicious actor to navigate to a company website and visit the section of your website that lists job opportunities. In those listings are likely tools and software required to be on a resume for a prospective role. An email could be crafted to appear as if it is from these tool vendors. Finally, embedded in any email could be a malicious link with a call to action (click here to keep your software license), this link could install a virus, create a backdoor, copy information, or simply delete critical data. This is just one example. 

You can dramatically reduce the risk of phishing attacks by raising awareness and enforcing good cyber hygiene practices within your organization.  GoldSky Security can help with our fully managed Phishing Simulator and Security Awareness Training program.  Please review the email we have sent for more information, and don’t worry, no more tricks.