Compliance Frameworks

What are Security Frameworks?

As data became an essential part for operations in many industries the potential risk for consumer has increased. Governments and commercial organizations prescribe Compliance Frameworks that advice and stipulate on controls and safeguards to protect private, health, and financial information against cyber attacks and misuse.

Some of these are mandatory to run the business and impose heavy financial and legal penalties for non-compliance. Others are necessary to conduct business with the government and other businesses.

GoldSky Security is knowledgeable of current compliance requirements and recommendations and how they apply to organizations. We select and tailor the requirements depending on your business, scale, risks, and business goals. We identify potential deficiencies and strategically implement improvements with your organization to ensure operational security and compliance.

We offer competence within the following cybersecurity frameworks and many others:


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“We could not be more pleased with our partnership with GoldSky Security. The experience and professionalism from your team has exceeded our expectations from day one. Your team was on-site within a week of our initial call. We appreciate the responsiveness and expertise you provided in performing our NIST 800-171 Gap Assessment and now CSOaaS program. Having an On-Demand CSO partner to assist us in building a sound cybersecurity program while maintaining NIST 800-171 compliance has proven to be both efficient and cost-effective. Thanks!”

Ed Gillcrist
Founder, The Shackleton Group

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