Remediation is the process of fixing security gaps. GoldSky can assist with remediation of security-related tasks either discovered during a risk assessment or other activities. Remediation can include security hardware installation, software installations, server and endpoint security configurations, firewall configurations, and more. We can work with your existing IT staff, your outsourced IT staff, or without outside support – it’s up to your individual organization


GoldSky can assist with the installation and configuration of security hardware and software. From new firewalls to a new anti-malware software, GoldSky has the expertise to get it done right the first time.

Network firewalls can be complicated. In a ruleset review, GoldSky engineers review your firewall from any misconfigurations and to ensure that only the traffic that should be going across the network is.

Your workstations, laptops, and other connected devices are designed to be functional out-of the-box, but not necessarily secure. GoldSky Engineers work to secure all your network “endpoint” to industry best practices, helping to ensure that you don’t become a victim of a breach.

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“GoldSky Security has performed work with our company in the recent past. The GoldSky Security Team performed their duties as promised and in a high-quality manner, and we were very satisfied with the services they provided. We recommend considering GoldSky as your cybersecurity partner of choice. “

Nathaniel Thomas
CTO, sonobi