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Continuous Monitoring

Whether you see it or not, your network, data, and computers are being accessed and attacked all day. Keeping an eye on your network is critical in discovering and stopping attacks before they result in a breach or service interruption. GoldSky achieves this through endpoint monitoring and control with our Adaptive Defense 360 white-list based endpoint security product.

With our solutions, your endpoints are monitored around the clock. As problems arise, you (the IT director or business owner) are immediately notified, as well as GoldSky support engineers. This level of protection is second-to-none in the security industry, even in the largest of businesses!

Log analysis

GoldSky configures the Adaptive Defense 360 system to collect operational information from your systems. The collected information is the vital signs of your security.

Pattern recognition

Using automated tools and experts, the metrics received from your network and services are continuously monitored to quickly recognize suspicious outliers and identify potential attacks.

Alerts and actions

When an attack is recognized, GoldSky would alert your personnel on the recognized attack vector. Depending on prior agreements and configuration, GoldSky can take immediate remediate actions to minimize the impact and restore the service (incident response), or recommend the remediation steps to be taken by your personnel.

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