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History of GoldSky Security

GoldSky Security was formed in early 2016 by Ron Frechette with the intention to help small & medium size businesses identify, manage and reduce the risk of cybersecurity and compliance vulnerabilities at rates they could afford.

Frechette served as part of the startup team with Coalfire Systems, Inc. from 2011 to 2015. Coalfire is a global cybersecurity advisory firm that caters exclusively to enterprise size companies. As the Director of the Southeastern US and Caribbean, Ron’s role was to establish a Coalfire presence and lead the commercialization efforts in the region. Ron hired an award-winning sales and delivery team that was responsible for building a multi-million-dollar region. The success of Coalfire led to the company being acquired by the Carlyle Group in 2015. Today, Coalfire is one if the most respected enterprise cybersecurity advisory firms in North America.

During his time at Coalfire, Ron saw a growing demand for cybersecurity services in the small-midsize business (SMB) world. He transitioned back to his entrepreneurial roots and started GoldSky with the intent of building a cybersecurity advisory company that focused exclusively on helping small-midsize businesses with their security and compliance needs.

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“We could not be more pleased with our partnership with GoldSky Security. The experience and professionalism from your team has exceeded our expectations from day one. Your team was on-site within a week of our initial call. We appreciate the responsiveness and expertise you provided in performing our NIST 800-171 Gap Assessment and now CSOaaS program. Having an On-Demand CSO partner to assist us in building a sound cybersecurity program while maintaining NIST 800-171 compliance has proven to be both efficient and cost-effective. Thanks!”

Ed Gillcrist
Founder, The Shackleton Group

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