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GoldSky Security’s Denver office is located in the heart of Downtown. We specialize in supporting small-midsize businesses with their cybersecurity needs and meeting compliance mandates. Our services include: Security Risk & Compliance AssessmentsRemediation Advisory, Managed Security ServicesContinuous MonitoringIncident Response and CSOaaS.

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  • 1415 Park Ave West
    Denver, CO 80205
  • 1-720-923-1810

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Keith Frechette
Keith Frechette
Chief Digital & Marketing Officer

Featured News

  • Getting Started with HITRUST Audit

    As the healthcare industry continues to deploy emerging technologies to bolster their critical processes, individual clients expect data security and privacy guarantees. In addition, institutional clients also require third-party vendors to demonstrate robust cybersecurity capabilities to safeguard the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of sensitive information. As a result, HITRUST was developed to allow organizations to

  • A Detailed Breakdown of the Colorado Privacy Act

    Although a connected world brings more partnerships and increased opportunities, it also highlights the need for proactive countermeasures to protect the privacy and security of consumers’ data. As cyberattacks rise worldwide, consumers are more concerned about organizations collecting, storing, and using personal data. Primarily, the consumers want to exercise the right to control what happens

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