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GoldSky Tampa is located about 15 minutes from downtown Tampa.  We specialize in supporting small to medium size businesses with Cybersecurity Services such as Security Risks Assessments, Remediation, Managed Security Services, Continuous Monitoring, Incident Response and CSOaaS.

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  • +1 407 853 8400

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For more information regarding services or general information please contact Jonathan Cox.

Jonathan E. Cox
Jonathan Cox
Chief Operations Officer & Managing Partner
+1 813 953 5710

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  • The Top 5 Cybersecurity Trends To Expect in 2022

    It is that time again when organizations look ahead to understand the cybersecurity risks facing their operations in the new year to efficiently develop cybersecurity programs that align with business objectives. Unfortunately, the last couple of years reminded us that nothing lasts forever; the same goes for the cyber-threat landscape and actors that operate within

  • Chaos Before Christmas: Exploitation of the Log4j Vulnerability

    A security vulnerability is a system misconfiguration or a flaw in the software code that attackers exploit to gain unauthorized access to a system or network. Although these bugs or errors in the software implementation, design, or architecture are not inherently harmful, they enable the attacker to leverage privileges and authorizations to compromised assets and

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